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The journey continues... 04.05.04 - 09:56

Whyso? Not a real update. Just dump for the Pokemon RP.

This shall serve as an update file for the Pokemon roleplay that I'm in.

1. Kassi

Sandshrew F

Lv: 12

This week: 1/0/0

Cumulative: 5/2/0

2. Tank

Nidoran M

Lv: 9

This week: --

Cumulative: 6/0/0

3. Blitzen

Pikachu M

Lv: 6

This week: 2/0/0

Cumulative: 2/0/0

4. Itchy

Geodude M

Lv: 6

This week: 1/0/0

Cumulative: -


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