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The journey continues... 06.01.02 - 22:01

Whyso? Another day in another week in another year.

AOL and the Internet don' like to work together very well, do they? ^.^o Yeah, I'm writin' this usin' IE.

As y'all may have noticed, or perhaps not yet, Kiri-san cleaned house. Yup, except for two entries, one I wrote last night and one other related to it, they're all gone. Gone.

Heh, Pokemon Blue, Japanese version. You can tell just from Blue that red and green are the normal games; the names for the shujinkou, whom we all know as Satoshi or Ash, were:




And for his rival, whom we know as Shigeru or Gary:




(In GS, Gary is referred to as "Green" (Blue in US) and Ash is Red.)

Coincidentally, I prefer green/blue versions to red. ^.^


The first week of 2002 is over, and this week ended better than it began. That's all I'll say about that for now.


Why do people get up in the mornin'? Or in the afternoon or evenin' as in my case? To find the things that make ya safe, comfortable, happy. Food, shelter, entertainment.


Unbelievably, I took a "which Pokemon are you" test and ended up as... Pikachu...

GIVEN THE FACT that the choices included Chansey, Eevee (those were 2 and 3), Myuu, Haunter, Missingno, Jigglypuff, and Mewtwo, I guess... ^.^o

Pikmin test? Yellow.

Mario test? Luigi.

Kevin Smith female test (I know, I ain't female, but I just had to): God.

Internet addict test: 28%.

Yarou test (hey, why not?) 22%.

Later. :P


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