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The journey continues... 27.01.02 - 08:18

Whyso? Agenda: a personal note entry.

Well then. ^.^

On the agenda for the next two weeks until our (Zarla, Soshi, Tech, and myself) Baltimore adventure.

1) Tape the other two Articuno episodes of Pokemon Jouto. furiii...zaaaaa. ^.^

2) Make sure I have clothers packed. Heh, clothers.

3) Plenty of drawin' supplies, writin' supplies (yo, Kiri-san, they're the same thing... ^.^O), that crystal-clear GBC that will enable Soshi's access to Pokemon Crystal... the extra copy of Soulcalibur I have and intend to leave with them... Kikaioh, can't leave that here, gotta show them... no. GOTTA SHOW THEM KIKAIOH.

4) Make daily ritual sacrifices to various gods of travel. j/k :P

5) Finish the Soshi pic.

6) UPLOAD EMPIFREE. Sayounara for now whilst I do so. SYUNIKISS :P


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