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The journey continues... 17.03.03 - 20:48

Whyso? Paradox of canon!

Hmmm... Pokemon fictions... interestin' topic. Or maybe not.

First off, if yer concerned about "canon" in yer Pokemon fics, decide for yerself, WHICH CANON. The reason I say this is that you really can't use the anime canon and the game canon at the same time, since for the most part, they're mutually exclusive. Check this out.

-Games: Ash is eleven years old. FIRST LINE OF THE INSTRUCTION BOOK.

-Anime: Ash is ten.

-Games: Ash tries to wander out of town, but is stopped by Oak. Oak then brings Ash back to the lab to get a Pokemon. (RB: Ash has first choice, and gets one of the Three. Y: Ash is s'posed to have Eevee, but Gary quick-nabs it, leaving Ash with Pukachu.)

-Anime: Ash is late gettin' to Oak's lab, and so can't get anything other than Pukachu.

(Furthermore, the game battle between Ash and Gary AT OAK'S LAB pointedly fails to happen in the anime.)

-Games: Ash frequently battles Gary.

-Anime: Ash NEVER battles Gary until after Pokemon League, and then only ONCE so far.

-Games: Ash singlehandedly defeats Rocket Gang, and forces Giovanni to retire.

-Anime: Giovanni, as of the current Jouto series, is still head Rocket. Ash has only encountered him once, in the special "Mewtwo Returns."

-Games: Ash defeats Giovanni for the Greenbadge of Viridian. Gary has already done so.

-Anime: Gary is THRASHED by Enhanced Mewtwo, and Ash defeats J&J for Greenbadge.

-Games: Many of the events of GSC (the Jouto series of games) are contingent on Ash having defeated Giovanni, and having WON the Pokemon League by defeating Gary. Three years of interim between RBY and GSC, in fact!

-Anime: Many of the events of GSC happen with Ash right in the middle of things.

-Games: Related to the above, Jouto Rocket Gang is working to bring Giovanni back from self-imposed exile.

-Anime: As I said, Giovanni is head Rocket. This INCLUDES Jouto.

-Games: Lance is a "trainer just like you" yet is also head of the Dragon Clan.

-Anime: Lance is a secret agent working for the Pokemon League.

-Games: Ash's final bench is Pikachu, Venusaur, Blastoise, Charizard, Snorlax, and Espeon.

-Anime: Bulbasaur refuses to evolve; Squirtle was released; Charizard was likewise released; and Ash has never had an Eevee.

-Games: "PIKACHU used THUNDERBOLT! It doesn't affect Enemy GOLEM!"

-Anime: Pikachu thunderbolts. Golem faints. The only time this DOESN'T work is for dramatic effect.

-Games: Chikorita must CROSSBREED to get Vine Whip.

-Anime: Some random, presumably wild Chikorita has Vine Whip. No other Pokemon has had a breed-only move, and the idea of breedsets isn't even HINTED at.

-Games: You can get TM's and teach yer Pokemon new moves. Gym Leaders often give 'em out.

-Anime: Some Pokemon DO have TM'd moves, like a certain Persian that sucker-punched Squirtle with thunderbolt; but the idea of TM's is never touched on.

-Games: The names of the Eevee Dancers of Enju City DO have Japanese and English translations.

-Anime: The names are not translated.

-Games: The name of Kanna, the ice trainer of RBY's "Four Emperors" (Elite Four) was translated to Lorelei.

-Anime: Prima.

-Games: Most Gym Leaders have junior trainers that battle you first. Jasmine, Gary, and Blaine are the only ones that don't in GSC.

-Anime: Thus far, ONLY Koga and Jasmine have had subordinate trainers actually battle. Surge's trainers EXIST, but didn't battle.

-Games: Hiroki (the main chara of GSC) collects the Red Gyar.

-Anime: Lance does.

-Games: Rocket Gang's ninja base at Chouji Town is underneath the local medicine shop.

-Anime: It's right by the lake.

-Games: In RBY, the Power Plant is non-functional due to neglect, but is restored in GSC. Zapdos lives there in RBY.

-Anime: The power plant is quite functional when Ash gets there.

-Games: Ash can catch Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.

-Anime: To catch those Legendary Pokemon would mean not less than the end of the world.

-Games: Ash can catch Mewtwo.

-Anime: Sh'ya right.

-Games: In GS, Houou only appears after you have the Rainbow Wing. In Crystal, you must ALSO have caught Raikou, Entei, and Suikun.

-Anime: But Ash saw Houou in the first episode.

-Games: In GSC, the Legendary Gerbils are released when Hiroki finds their statues in the Burned Tower.

-Anime: The first thing Ash sees of Jouto's wildlife is Suikun, one of those Gerbils.

-Games: You can't catch starting Pokemon in the wild.

-Anime: EVERY Jouto starter was encountered as a wild Pokemon, and Ash caught 'em all.

That's just a SAMPLE of the canon paradox.

BY THE WAY, I don't use the é because 1) I'm lazy; 2) it's not necessary, since it should never have been there IN THE FIRST PLACE; and 3) because typing & e acute; is tedious and ugly, and alt+0233 doesn't make the é in all fontsets.

But mainly the second point.

Next up: KS-05 Pokemon Fic Evaluator Beta 0.1!


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