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The journey continues... 16.04.02 - 08:20

Whyso? Wedding rant, thanks in no small part to Dear Abby. x.x

Neglected after some time. ^.^o

I'd just like to say this to those that like Dear Abby: She really FLOCKED UP this time.

Monday, there was a woman who wrote in. Turns out she's a Wedding Planner who wants to plan her own wedding and have like 100 friends there. Problem? The would-be groom is an introvert, and would rather avoid bein' the centre of attention, so he'd rather have a small wedding, the smaller the better.

Abby's advice for the woman? Dump the guy, he's bein' insensitive.

WHAT. THE. CRACK. If that's the only reason this is an issue, that the guy's an introvert, then SHE's the insensitive bitch. Yeah, weddings are significant. That's because they're a pact made between TWO PEOPLE. What is needed? The two people, one or two witnesses, and the presiding cleric. That's IT. MAYBE each member's "inner circle" if those people get along with each other, but beyond that, it's FLUFF. Six-layered cakes that you need NINJA SWORDS to cut, gallons of nasty crap AKA champaigne, and enough pretense, cleavage, and stuffy tuxedos to bring terror to the smog particles over LA.

If anyone wants to write Dear Abby (those incest-lesbian SLUTS) please be MORE PROTOCOLISH THAN I FEEL LIKE BEIN' about it.


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