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The journey continues... 15.01.02 - 08:28

Whyso? Elite weirdness.

Well, I had but two Pokemon beat the E4 last night... *before* work, actually.

Here, as of the moment they were entered into the hallofame:

1. name: Nuriko

type: Parasect

level: 56 (180444 exp. Next: 4749)

h-p 164

att 137

def 113

spd 67

spc 115

moves: Slash -- spore -- dig -- leechlife

2. name: Koji

type: Sandslash

level: 59 (215289 exp. Next: 711)

h-p 192

att 157

def 169

spd 117

spc 98

moves: Slash -- earthquake -- swift -- rockslide.

The real problem fightin' against the E4 was Kan'na (Lorelei) and L56 Lapras. For some strange reason, her Blizzard and Hydrocannon attacks never miss. The rest were easy though.

Weirdness number one: I tried fishin' in Lance's room, inside one of the statues (this is normally a useless glitch in the colour versions)... EXCEPT... I fished up a Polliwag. L10, with the good rod. In the statue. First try. ^.^o

Weirdness number two: Koji always critical hits with his Slash attack, but Nuriko almost never does.

Weirdness number three: For some REALLY MESSED REASON THAT I DON'T REALLY UNDERSTAND except MAYBE as a glitch, the attack "Swift" (a useless, average Normal attack except for the fact that it isn't supposed to ever miss) has missed three times.

Unknown Dungeon:

The layout and items in Jap Blue's UD is the same as with American Red/Blue; this IS by design, as J-Blue was a remix of J-Red/Green. In fact, J-Blue's Pokemon graphics are the same as American. ^.^o

However, the Pokemon mixes are different. What I've found:

Starting floor:

Dodrio 49, Golbat 36, Raichu 57, Rapidash 49, Kadabra 49, Venomoth 49, Hypno 46, Sandslash 52. I can't be sure on Rapidash, I've only seen one.

Upper (maze) floor:

Dodrio 51, Kadabra 51, Electrode 52, Rhydon 52, Chansey 56, Ditto, Venomoth 51, Wigglytuff 54. Chansey are understandably rare, but much easier to get here than in Safari Zone.

Lower (Mewtwo's) floor:

Sandslash 57, Raichu 64, Electrode 55, Rhydon 55, Marowak 57, Ditto, Clefairy 64.

Ditto always demonstrates a variety of levels ranging from a fairly lightweight 55 all the way up to 65.

And of course, Mewtwo 70. Masterball go.

Let's see, what else.

Got Articuno now. ^.^

And yes, I DO use the UD for levelling, it's easier than the E4 and less tedious. My recommendations, by colour version, on what to look for for battlin':


Kadabra and Magneton (except Yellow); these have excellent Special stats.

Sandslash (except Red); good Attack and Defence, and overall EXP.

Dodrio (except Yellow); Attack and Speed.


Sandslash (except red and J-Blue) and Rhydon (all): Methinks you know.

Kadabra and Dodrio (except yellow).

Chansey (except Yellow). HP and EXP GOD.

Electrode (except Yellow). SPEED.


Rhydon (all)

Sandslash (not red or yellow)

Chansey (not J-blue)

Raichu (not yellow)

Electrode (not yellow)

That's all I recommend, really. MAN does Yellow get shafted outta a lot. However, Yellow also features obscene numbers of common Golbats and Gravellers... on all three levels. Look for second form Grass types in yellow, as well (Weepinbell and Gloom)

What else.

Hmmm... nothing else right now. Tired. ^.^o

G'night, all.


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