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The journey continues... 01.03.02 - 09:44

Whyso? Stomach flu and randomness

Yay, stomach flubugs x.x Ya, I got some yesterday mornin' at work, and they attacked. Hard. It did gimme time to think of multiple euphemisms for "puke" however. Such as "bird-feedin' the garbage can" or "tryin' to do hydro pump like a Squirtle." Note the latter doesn't work with Blastoise, which has hydrocannons on its back.

Apparently, usin' the laptop at work is "excessive" even if the game boi ain't.

(ON THAT NOTE: Pokemon Crystal Japanese. Hee hee. My current team there is:

Magumarashi (quilava)

Upaa (wooper)

Sando (sandshrew)

Tamago (egg, this one is the Togepii egg from Kikyou city.)

Only the first is male; the others are female. ^.^

That tends to happen with me, unless I raise exceptionally strong attackers like Flareon, that the Pokemon I use tend to be female, at least the ones I catch in GSC versions. Belenus (an Espeon in US Gold) is the most notable exception :P

(And yes, I do always pick the female trainer when startin' Crystal. :P That's because if I really wanna play the male trainer, I can load up any other version of the game. However, I do hope that in whatever the next versions are, that there are more appearance options for the shujinkou, rather than just one or one for each gender.)

Maybe it's a bias thing. It's like the first time I played Pokemon (blue), caught a Sandshrew and named it Kassi. (Which name has been Nihon-ised for the aforementioned J-Crystal 'shrew) and always regarded this Pokemon as female. Someone actually told me "Sandslash are male, silly" and I was like "No, Kassi is most certainly female." Port to GS... and Kassi turned out to be... female! ^.^

Now, the names themselves. You won't catch me dead usin' names like takin' the first syllable of the Pokemon's name followed by "y", unless it isn't the Pokemon in question. For example here, "Sandy" might be a fine name for a Diglett, but never for a Sandshrew.

Yeah, it's rather random, but ya know what? I'm a quasi-predictable random type person.

Oh, ya, and if anyone I know wants the IME to let ya write in Japanese, just lemme know in the appropriate manner.

Sorry to cut this off short, but I don' know the password for the internet pager system x.x Next post, hmmm... maybe the first chapter of the OTJ rewrite, which should also appear at the too-often neglected website. o.o;

So for now, whoever reads this, sayounara.


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