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The journey continues... 30.01.03 - 11:02

Whyso? The fic dogs?

Methinks these so-called "Fic Bitches" are entirely unworthy of the right to review fics. :P

This line says much: [In all honesty, this much "color" in the dialogue gets a bit distracting. Some people may disagree, but I'd rather read a one sentence acknowledgement that these Outer-Rim ruffians spoke with a strange, thick, low-class accent than trying to constantly decipher this. It's a little bit heavy-handed - we get the point that these are uncouth dung-smeared peasants who don't appreciate a fine, fine manwhore when they see one. Moving right along...]

In writing, one of the methods used to establish character is to write their dialogue "in character." For all the complainin' they do about "in character" they don' like accents. I guess a "one sentence acknowledgement" that Barret talks like Mr. T with a potty mouth, or that Cid talks... well... like Cid, is enough.

They'd rather have their pirate dialogues written this way:

["Arrr. Avast my hardies, you will swim with the fish in Davy Jones' Locker, you scurvy scalawag," the pirate intoned with all the inflections of a typical salty seaman.]

Instead of this:

["Arrr! Avarst me hardies, ye'll swim wi' ye fishies in Daaaavy Jones' Locker, ye scarvy scallywags!" roared the pirate captain as he slammed his fist against the main mast!]

Ye scarvy scallywags. Ah'll make ye wolk da plank!

They also don't like:

1) In Pokemon fics, trainers that don't start with what THEY consider "weak" Pokemon; that is, you gotta start with a starter! FEH.

2) Non-"canon" ficness. Well, sometimes, there IS no canon, at least any COHERENT canon.

Take Pokemon.

-Blue/red/green versions: Satoshi gets the choice of Fushigidane, Hitokage, Zenigame as the starter.

-Pikachu (Yellow) version: Satoshi is s'posed to get Eevee, but Shigeru takes it first, leavin' Satoshi with Pikachu.

-Anime: Satoshi is late, and so can't get any Pokemon other than Pikachu.

That's just the first moments.

Now, the segue to Jouto:

-Games: Near the end of RBGY, you defeat Rocket gang, and Sakaki retires from it; then you defeat Sakaki at the Tokiwa gym.

-Anime: Satoshi defeats M+K at Tokiwa gym, and Sakaki (as of about to reach Chouji gym) is STILL oyabun of Rocket gang.

-Games: Shigeru wins at Pokemon League, then Satoshi defeats him and retreats to Shirogane.

-Anime: Shigeru doesn't get past the third round, never faces Satoshi, who doesn't win either.

-GSC: Satoshi (Red) has Pikachu, Kabigon, Efi, Fushigibana, Lizardon, Kamex.

-Anime: Impossible; Lizardon and Zenigame have been released.

-Silver Pokedex: A new Entei is born whenever a volcano is born. (In other words, Entei is a kazan-gami.)

-Crystal/anime: Entei is reincarnated from a dead Pokemon that died in Lugia's tower, and was reincarnated by Houou.

-RBGY: You can catch Freezer, Fire, and Thunder.

-Anime (second movie "Revelation Lugia"): Catching Freezer, Fire, and Thunder sets the Apocalypse in motion (You must not touch the god of ice, the god of thunder and the god of fire; or the heavens will rage and the world will head for destruction.)

-Games: Mewtwo thinks about battle.

-Jp. Anime: Mewtwo thinks about the nature of its existence.

-US Anime: Mewtwo thinks about conquering the world with Cloned Pokemon Armies.

That's enough for now. Tired... ::drags off to bed::


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