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The journey continues... 23.01.02 - 21:52

Whyso? Guilty Gear X.

I just love puttin' video games away for a while, not playin' em and then pickin' em up again. ^.^

Which one this time? Guilty Gear X.

No, not yer crappy PlayLocation Mark 2.5 console version.

The original. Nihon-go. Dreamcast.

Yeah, I still have one. ^.^

ANYHOO for those who haven't actually played it.

It's yer typical fightin' game, except it runs much better than most. It's got everything you'd expect in such games, except Ryu and Ken :P

The charas are way coo, tho.

SOL=BADGUY: A bad-ass android cowboy who listens to Queen and uses a flaming gunblade. Doesn't care about social matters. Fairly quick and quite strong, with lots of uppercutty stuff and a couple kicks.

KY=KISKE: Definitely a cavalier; obsessed with order and justice and other paladin-like stuff, he doesn't understand a world which has basically fallen into anarchy. Fights with an electric longsword and is good at long and short range attacks, but not as fast as Sol. *Special music and animations occur in any match of Ky vs. Sol*

MAY: Captain of a pirate airship, and is obsessed with a man named "Johnny." She dresses like a pirate, basically, and uses a huge anchor in battle, as well as summon sea creatures such as Iruka-san the dolphin.

BAIKEN: A Japanese kensei at a time when there is no Japan, she's a hard-bitten cynic and drinks and smokes heavily. Her katana techniques are based mostly on counterattacks. I called 'er "Kenshin" when I first saw this game.

FAUST: Height 9'3. Weight 121. Uses a syringe, donuts, bombs, and a teleport involvin' duckin' into his cloak and openin' a door to hit ya. Has a special called "Na na na nani ga deru kana!"

POTEMKIN: The other "big guy" in the game, Pot tips the scales at just under 1450 pounds (656 kg) and is typical of such large fellows: so slow he can't run, and insanely strong. Fights with his fists and the autocannons implanted in them. Pot was a slave on the floating continent Zepp until there was a coup d'etat.

CHIPP=ZANUFF: About as far removed from Potemkin as you can possibly get. Chipp is a former drug user turned ninja and currently lives in what was Japan. Insanely fast and he DOES teleport. In some uniform colours, he looks like Super Saiya-jin Gohan.

MILLIA=RAGE: A Russian girl trained by the assassins and filled with hatred toward everyone. She'd be much cooler if she wore pants, tho. Fights with her variable length hair.

JAM=KURADOBERI: In spite of the name, she's actually Chinese. Tired of a feud between two restaurants, she wants to open her own, but needs money. Fights with typical Wushu techniques, and can power these up. Very. very. Chun Li-like, except for appearance, which is very. very. Chun-Li as waitress and no hairbuns look.

JOHNNY: The fightin' pimp. Actually, bein' an orphan, he seeks out other orphans and "adopts" them. Most of these are female, and crew May's ship, which he owns. I do say pimp; by the gods, he looks like one, with the pimp hat, the pimp boots, the pimp trenchcoat, the pimp pants, and his weapon, the pimp cane. His special move is a Zorro rip off carvin' J into his opponent.

ANJI=MITO: Another displaced Japanese, except he hates the fact that the Nihon-jin are an endangered and protected specie. His techniques are faster than he is, and he dual-wields war fans in a dancing style. He looks pretty psycho, actually ^.^o

VENOM: Another assassin, this time from Igirisu (England.) He's a refined, cultured fellow who enjoys gentlemen's games like chess and billiards, and this reflects in his weapon of choice, a pool cue and magical balls. Very effective at range and pretty fast.

AXL=LOW: Fatal Fury fans would scream "Billy Kane." He has the headband, the Union Jack shirt, and two sickles connected by a long chain. Displaced from his own time, he seeks a way home. ^.^o

ZATO=ONE: The former leader of the assassins, this Spaniard was possessed by a summoned shadow daemon that gained consciousness and started callin' itself Eddie. Don' ask. Zato fights with this symbiotic shadow.

TESTAMENT: A wannabe Grim Reaper, he's actually a cyborg who dresses like... almost girl-like, actually. A total bishounen, and wields necromantic and poisonous techniques along with his scythe and raven familiar.

DIZZY: A so-called "Gear" (enhanced people, similar to androids or cyborgs), she's a three year old girl who looks eighteen, has a tail, and is at once possessed by an angel and a daemon (which DOES look like the Grim Reaper if Death were an archer rather than a harvester.) ^.^ Both possessive spirits fight for her.

What makes this game really funny isn't the deathblows (a'course when ya see May's deathblow, it's funny) but the Engrish.

"Please select of a character!"

"Are you ready? It's cool!"

"Wheel of fortune revolving now!"

And the best.

"In a victory of a yourself."

Ky is my favourite, really; it's gotta be "u-RAIIIIDO ZAA LAITONINGU!"

Oh, and there's GGXX, the sequel, later this year. ^.^

Workness. Laters.


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