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The journey continues... 10.01.03 - 01:48

Whyso? Attracted to angst!

The title actually refers to one session of Pokemon Crystal in which I was trackin' down Chansey on 15, and raisin' some of my upper-level Pokemon as well. I had my Dragonite (Shiro) out, and he was usin' Outrage, when all of a sudden, about ten Hoppips in a row just begged for dragon fury to descend upon their candy arses! Those Hoppips must have been attracted to Shiro's rage and angst, hence the title. :P

That aside, I don' usually sit here on an early Friday mornin'. But I can because I took the weekend off, and doubled its size. YES, I needed it... I only had one day off in all December. x.x

Alcohol fans, "p433r meh." I drank as much alcohol on New Year's as I had done in the entire year 2002. That's right, ONE PATHETIC SHOT OF COGNAC. How dry I am.

The actual reason for my non-postin' over so long is message boards, which I'm doin' less of; more writin', which I'm doin' more of; and Metroid. All five versions of Metroid, really. :P I REALLY REALLY WANNA SEE SPACE PIRATES ATTEMPT THE MARU MARI. I REALLY REALLY DON' WANNA SEE RIDLEY IN "METROID 5." I really really don' expect to get what I want, either. :P

Another thing in THAT category: Shiny Pokemon. There's a 1/8192 chance of randomly findin' one, which means that in 1000 random encounters, there's ONLY 88.5% chance of findin'... none. In 5000, a respectable 54.3% chance. In 8192, 36.785%. WHEN am I virtually assured of findin' a shiny? Hey, the chance of findin' NO shinies in THIRTY THOUSAND ATTEMPTS is SLIGHTLY "BETTER" than 1/40!!! By the way, I haven't found any yet, as if that needed to be said.

A'course, Pokemon has never been kind to me concernin' probabilities; in the first Stadium, an enemy Abra (in the chibi league) swept my team TWICE usin' Metronome, and nothin' else. How? Metronome scored CRABHAMMER six times; the chance of THIS happenin' is 1 in about 17 trillion. That is to say, that winnin' "POWERBALLS" lottery is about 1100 times MORE LIKELY. (Not to mention that EVERY SINGLE use was with type advantage. Methinks the game was playin' rather dirty, rather than gettin' lucky.)

Oh, and email me if you have any speculations as to what Pokemon is in Ash's egg. If you KNOW, email anyway; I'm immune to spoilers. :P


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