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The journey continues... 12.01.02 - 06:24

Whyso? Just another day.

Well... I don't know if I got to the news.

This, I'll call "hijibasho muyou."

NAZARETH, ISRAEL: The Israeli government decides not to build a mosque (Muslim church, for those that might not know) in this city, which is very significant to the Christians as the place where Joshua ben Joseph, AKA Jesus Christ, grew up.

Christians are rejoicing about this.

Hijibasho muyou?

Apparently so. By the way, it translates "no need for elbow room" and I gotta ask for a very important reason.

There are six billion people on this earth, who belong to six million cultures evolved over sixty thousand years. And there's enough of this earth, that no matter what groups we find ourselves in, there's room for all. And there's certainly room for Muslim shrines, Buddha statues, and everything else.

Now, Christians, in theory, are above such petty fist pumping as "yay, the Muslims were denied a church, praise God..." but this very fact is occurring... AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL.

I don't think I need to say more about that.

SSBM: Mewtwo is TRIPPY but I still prefer Samus and Pikachu, as sad as the latter seems. Gameandwatch SUCKS. Funny, crazy sound effects, but too wonky for me.

Annoyance: You plan for a role-playing intensive D&D game, and some of the players want hack. x.x

Feh, whatever.

I guess ya call that... just another day.


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