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The journey continues... 01.04.02 - 22:30

Whyso? brief highlights lowlights whatever.

This weekend was rather interesting; let's see, the highlights.

1) Willowisps are attackin' the D&D party right now. How? They're pumpin' up some shamblers, which gain CON points from electric attacks such as the wisps' normal attack forms. Pikachu, thundershock Bulbasaur... ::bulbasaur evolves from the shock:: :P

2) Loki made me bleed outta my pores. On my wrist, at least...

3) Found Dragon Force-related sites that are actually good; i might try addin' somethin'...

The lowlights?

1) Xyrx. Yeah, I couldn't get outta Easter church, but it wasn't terrible... it's just not my style.

2) Religion. It should be noted that I don' ascribe to any "real" religions... why, because they all suck. Details at another time.

3) War. Screw the Mideast, I'm talkin' about a war much closer to Kiri-san's spiritual location. No details further. Why? It's too close to me to even put here.


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