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The journey continues... 24.02.02 - 04:00

Whyso? Houou, and over-rated things that have nothing to do with Houou.

Lookie! HOUOU DAYO~!!!!




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I took the


target="_blank">What Mythological Creature Are you? test by


Not half bad, eh?


SPORTS (without shorts? Imagine that...)

The Russians are SUCH complainers. Just because they lost to the US in both figger skatin' and hockey, they're thinkin' about BOYCOTTIN' a couple events. Is that the WAAAAMBULANCE (tm) I hear?

Likewise, Korea. Only this time, it was clear that their guy cheated by "short-cuttin'" or somethin' like that, which means that he cut into another guy's lane in clear violation of the rules. Since he was disqualified, now the Koreans are also crying.

And for the record: American speed skater Apollo Ono is over-rated. Fun to watch, Loki says, but certainly over-rated.



Took that test, SOMEHOW ended up with chaotic/good elf ranger-cleric. I don' like elves x.x


It's more or less good to be home, though Loki was ALSO sick all week. The comp apparently missed me; it's been running at unusually excellent efficiency lately. ^.^ NEED FONT MAKIN' PROG for extreme customisation of this machine.



The following is a partial list of things that I believe to be over-rated. For the most part I'm not gonna explain why, unless you email me.

Love (the romantic kind)




"Sports entertainment"


White ink printer cartridges

Bigger, stronger, faster.

Deleter (tm) paper. (Sure, it's good paper, but yer not gonna rule the world by drawin' on it, nor does the paper dictate the artisticness of a drawin'.)

3D games that were originally 2D (or reasonably reco'nisable as a 2D format). (recent Zelda, Castlevania, Megaman, you know.)




Dragon Nads Z (err, DragonBallz)

There ya go. :P


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