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The journey continues... 07.02.02 - 08:35

Whyso? Kelchamee Street, by the letters F, U and the number 10.3.

Today's entry, brought to ye by the letters, F, and U, and the number 10.3!

F and U are obvious... because that's what I say to my blasted job. To HELL I SAY.

To hell with Johnny, who walks around and does NOTHING, and gets paid for this. Then insists he has "no time" to help peeps.

To hell with Kathryn, who thinks she knows what's goin' on, but all she knows is the FAERIE TALE known as Carlotta's book, and NOTHING on what the operators have to actually DO on the presses. "Oh, ya gotta have ten parts on the table..." HEY BITCH. YOU CAN'T STACK PARTS ON TOP OF EACH OTHER,

To hell with Chris, who actually defended Johnny's "duty" of nothing. And LIES to ya. I asked her if I'd be on this truly FLOCKED UP position (14 "drops" a night, shoved onto the operators by the QA who had always done this in the past) all week, she said NO. This was SUNDAY NIGHT. Last night (Wednesday night,) I was STILL THERE.

10.3? That's how many dollars I make per hour of sustaining the torture at work. x.x

God, I need this upcomin' vacation.


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