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The journey continues... 11.01.02 - 08:38

Whyso? More Blue.

I've been randomly linked to :P

Let's see, what did I get to do at and before work last night?

1) Beat Erika, with my Parasect, and ONLY my Parasect.

2) Went through the Rocket area at Game Corner. (Had to buy a Horsea, too, so I can get at least one surfing Pokemon...)

3) Beat Surge, then went after the ghosts. No problem.

4) Got the surf HM at safari zone. Weirdness here: You can't fly out of Safari zone in this version.

5) Beat Kyou's trainers, and was about to battle Kyou, but I had to make my own boxes at that point, and work comes first, even if I do sometimes get the chance to actually play the game during work.

In game trade at the bottom of Cycling Road:

Your Persian -> his Tauros.

And you find Lickitung in the safari zone (I don' think it's the case in any other version) now, at L18 I think.

Gotta go quick.


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