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The journey continues... 10.01.02 - 21:38

Whyso? Pocket Monsters--- AOI VERSION

This hasta be the trippiest Pokemon experience I've ever undertaken...

pokemon blue nihon-go.

It seems like normal green/US blue, on the surface. But the Pokemon's wild appearances are remixed, as are the in-game traders. So random.


Sandshrew and Meowth (normally in Green)

Oddish and Growlithe (normally in Red)

In-game trades?

1) The Farfetch'd trainer wants Pidgey instead of Spearow now.

2) The Mr. Mime trainer wants Jigglypuff.

3) Someone will trade a Machoke for a Haunter... err, a Gengar.

4) Another trainer will cough up Kangaskhan, when you eventually find a Rhydon for 'im.

5) Still another will give ya Polliwag for yer Rattata.

That's all I found so far... gotta do the darned ghost tower stuff... that's one of the problems with the game, really, that ya get strong-armed into doin' certain sequences. That, and the lack of REAL secrets, hidden uber-cool stuff, or even hidden novelties.

Remixed Pokemon appearances? How 'bout Ditto at the Rock tunnel? Now, don' get me wrong, it's not a HUGE difference, but still, if yer not expectin' Ditto to appear, it can be slightly surprising. :P

Game Corner prizes:

Abra, Pikachu, Horsea; Clefable, Dragonair, and of course Porygon.

Just beat Erika, and her entire gym, with only Parasect. The team so far.

Nuriko - Parasect L31

hp 90, ATP 73, DFP 59, SPD 34, SPL 61


Shibire gona/stun spore

Kyuuketsu/leech life

Kinoko no houshi/spore

Blossom - Gloom L28

hp 81, ATP 48, DFP 53, SPD 38, SPL 61

Sui toru/absorb


Shibire gona

Nemuri gona/sleep powder

Ibuki - Butterfree L29

hp 87, ATP 44, DFP 46, SPD 56, SPL 58


Shibire gona

Nemuri gona


Chisso - Flareon L25

hp 71, ATP 76, DFP 41, SPD 41, SPL 67


Suna kake/sand attack

Kassi - Sandslash L26 (yeah, but this is the first one in a Japanese version)

hp 85, ATP 66, DFP 72, SPD 48, SPL 40


Suna kake


Blitzen - Pikachu L22

hp 53, ATP 32, DFP 23, SPD 52, SPL 36

Denki (Thunder) shock



Denkousekka/annoying... err... quick attack

Yumero - Meowth L22

hp 58, ATP 27, DFP 25, SPD 49, SPL 25

Mizu teppou/water gun



Neko-ni goban/pay day

And gotta note the new addition, not yet used though:

Hitoshi - Doduo L18

hp 42, ATP 37, DFP 23, SPD 36, SPL 21.

Just tsutsuku/peck. :P

Note also that I haven't used the TM moves on any of my Pokemon yet; I'm waitin' to see what happens, or rather, to see what Missingo is called in Japanese. ^.^ Huge assumption bein' that it wasn't edited out like in Pikachu version.

The only downside, overall, is that there are certain exclusives I gotta get from Silver now, and that means gettin my silver version back from Loki. Before this sounds too dramatic, that means Vulpix.

Gotta poof for now.


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