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The journey continues... 24.03.02 - 00:38

Whyso? Rogue, randomness, compgeekstuff.

'Tis frightening in extremis, but I predicted this as soon as I began:

Which Star-Crossed Marvel Lover Are You?

Nod. nod. ^.^o


nearly resolved

The car, thanks to the BITCH (I wish there was an easier way to say "bitch" than abazure on'na...) who told me 722.52 when it was closer to 730, is about nine bucks from bein' mine. What would now be "yesterday mornin'" I plunked down a check for 722.52, and after makin' a phone call I had to make, I was told that that number was about eight bucks off. On monday, it'll be eighty cents higher.

In short, the car is paid off with a single ten dollar bill.



I didn't go to this week's session, it's usually here at the burrow... this time it was at Hagen's. And, accordin' to Loki, the game is almost outta control.

Why? Auvil, Gribble, and to a lesser extent, Alex. I don' know all the details, but it was incredibly bad and included many instances of unnecessary party infightin', and the LAWFUL GOOD CLERIC STEALIN' AN EVIL ARTIFACT FROM THE PC MAGE, AND THEN BLAMING THE NPC MAGE WHO HAPPENS TO BE AN AVATAR OF MAGIC AND IS CARRYIN' NOTHIN'. Gaaa...

And then, Hagen's tryin' to run an evil nobles campaign, and Gribble decides to try to murder a random passerby--- a ten-year-old child who happens to be a L10 thief, but only L1 if he got killed. Hagen's notion of evil chara is more along the lines of evil masterminds rather than psycho killers.

I hope those three are gone, else I might hafta run this week's session and take care of it.


pokemon: anime

Truly weird episode today, but not very good in any case: there was an old guy who believed he could speak in Pokemon, and Nyaasu was pissed off about this.

What happened eventually was, that this delusional fellow ran afoul of a mafia-like group who was runnin' an identical scam; in the end, the old fellow talked to a bunch of Magnemite-line who were drainin' a pokecenter, and after Pikachu recharged the other electrics, they fried the mafia.

Rocket gang? Not much there, they were blasted by a lightning from a storm. Kaboom.

Next week promises to be very interesting; Musashi finds an artifact mask that gives her domination control over Pokemon, and she turns this on Pikachu. :P "Pikachu, I RULE you!" There is a Kurobat in the episode; can't tell if it's Brock's Golbat evolved or not.



Not too much news, just grabbin' random remixes from Overclocked. :P



My dad's sayin' that there's a set-up tech job in my line of work, half again as moneyed as my current work. Problem is, I have outer-circle friends at work, lots of em (that is, most of the peeps at work I'm at least friendly with) and I don' wanna get into another placement service and another group of supervisors and YA KNOW THE REST. I don' think I'll end up doin' it...



Or suiyoubi. Wednesday mornin', we shall have yonder cable modem, and all I gotta do to enjoy its perks is to buy network cards for both comps. No problem. Oh, and tech geeks may or may not be aware of USB 2.0, the new standard for USB port connections. The connecting wires tend to be gold plated, makin' them more efficient than otherwise, though more expensive, and their construction allows compatible ports and devices to get information transfers up to 480 MB/s. The USB 1 standards only transfer up to 12 MB/s. I almost got a 60-gig external hard drive with USB 2 capability, but not yet. Perhaps soon, but not yet.


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