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The journey continues... 29.03.02 - 01:02

Whyso? another random occurence

I don' like usin' my mom's comp, but right now, I don' have the network stuff to take advantage of the new Cable Modem we just acquired. ^.^

Anyhoo. I really, really, wanna know where Soshi finds this stuff because it's pretty coo.

What bishounen type is your favourite?

By ShoSen of Totally Kawaii!

I don' know how. ^.^o Not only Ranma, but Kenshin, Spike, and the man behind the Tuxedo mask. ^.^o I like bishos, why not? :P



Most of our Mexicans were fired for want of green-cards; some of 'em might be able to stay tho. I hope so; the ones in question are the better workers among 'em, and know more Eigo than the others.

This total DICK named Lonnie has been workin' with me; he's a newbie, and won' leave me alone. I mean I am not a black-roujin-magnet, an' just because I've been there four plus years don' at all mean that I am UberGODofKnowitallness. That, and one day this week, he asked to get time off at six. At five-fifty, he asked me to give him "a break" so that he could start his roujinmobile. My term, not his. Why? "I gotta be on the highway at a certain time." FLOCK YOU. If you really wanted to be on the highway at blah time, you shoulda prepared better, like askin' for time off at five-thirty. Dick. Then yesterday, he asked me for change for a five. I pointed at the change machine (spits out quarters and both sorts of dollar coins) and he was like "Nah, I don' want all that change" DICK FLOCKIN' HEAD.

Then there's Levy, lazy biyotsch, can't even TRY to work the three-hole on the chainsaw. lemme explain the chainsaw first.

It's a John Deere non-AV chainsaw chassis assembly, basically the fuel and oil tanks and the handle and mounting of a chainsaw. The first position ("the door") adds mounting screws to one half of the assembly; the second ("the welder") adds intake hoses to the other half, and operates the sonic-vibration welder (GOD, that thing is loud;) the third ("the trimmer") cleans the welding line of excess "flash" material, adds caps to the fuel and oil tanks, and runs the first tester; and the fourth ("the end") adds small valves and tiny bronze plugs, runs the other tester, and packs the parts for shipment.

Anyhoo, the third is not typically a popular position, because there's more to do in the same time compared to any other position. And Levy refused to do it.

So I tell Chris, if you really need me to handle that, I'll do it. She took me up on it. ^.^o Actually, it was part of the ulterior motive of gettin' away from dickhead mentioned above.

I got to run that position, just like the first day I had worked there. :P And the "door" was a guy who seemed too attached to his duster, because he wouldn't take it off at all. I was like, coooo.

Levy was the end, and I showed her up good. She was behind all flockin' night. :P

GOD I love my job. ^.^o



Loki and my mom, thru their contradictions, have confused the heck outta me as regards the game, and that's all that needs said. ^.^o


old games

Got emu for Rockman 1, 2, 3 Japanese, 4 Japanese (not best quality tho), and 6. ^.^ And Ninja Turtles, tho that ticked Loki off. :P

SNES emu has FF4 Japanese (with translation patch), a semi-translated FF5, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, and Harvest Moon. As far as I can tell, HM is a farmin' simulator; what the keck.

And then there's Battle Arena To-shinden, the most ghetto fightin' game you can imagine, save only Justice League Task Force. I swear you can beat BAT with the singular strategy of sidesteppin' EVERYTHING and counterin'. The charas are funny, tho:

=EIJI SHINJO. "An adventurer from medieval Japan..." He's a wanderin' swordsman with the White Tiger katana, tho he looks like a biker. He fights like a typical Ryu clone, with "Rekkuzan,"(fireball) "Hishouzan,"(uppercut) and his desperation "Netchuuouzuken"(combo attack) or somethin' like that. One of his victory taunts is "Victoly!" that sounds like "Hey, Chun-Li!"

=KAYIN AMOH. He's a bounty hunter from Scotland who wants to avenge his father. He fights like Eiji only uses a claymore; his battle cries are "Donut Flash" (Sonic Slash, fireball); "Deadly Raise"(uppercut at an angle) and "Hell's Inferno."(combo) Victory taunt? "Swaet draems!"

=SOFIA. Dominatrix with a whip, a Russian accent, a whip, and "Thunder ring!"(fireball of sorts) "Aurora revolution!"(ballerina spin whip) "Rattlesnake"(rapid strike) "Whiplash spin!"(flyin' AR) And, the best, she bitch-slaps opponents and taunts "Anytime, anyvhere!"

=RUNGO IRON. The token big guy, he's a miner from Utah who finds uranium. Now he's gotta save his family from kidnappers that want it. He wields a club and thinks he's agile... "Fire wave!" (ground fire) "Fire strike!" (rising flame like an uppercut) "Batter up!" (his attempt at agility) "MegaFireStorm!!!"(FW, only much higher)

=FO FAI. An old guy with Claws, he's a bit too obsessed with the sight of blood. Beautiful precious BLOOD! "Mystic Sphere!" (kiousho-like fireball) and lots of kecklin'. ^.^ And he has the ORIGINAL flamin' fart attack. For real.

=MONDO. A member of the Night Ogre clan, he wields a spear and is almost agile. "Holy Fleen!" (Goriki-fujin, a spinning spear-fan) "Holy Heaven!" (Goriki-tembu, an uppercut) "Holy Lightning!" (Goriki-raijin, a mid-air fireball) "Holy I need to sneeze!" (or somethin' like that, combines Tembu with multiple Raijins) and if he wins he twirls his spear and says "Narm!"

=DUKE LAMBERT. A French greatswordsman obsessed with chivalry and honour, he was defeated by Eiji's brother and wants a rematch. "Southern cross!" (a rushing attack that ends in a front flip, even though he wears armour; this can AK opponents on a good hit.) "Haircut!" (Head Crush, a mid-air downthrust) "Cyclone!" (spinning stab) "Knight Strike!" (leaping version of Cyclone) "Coup de grace!" (desperation power-up version of Cyclone) When he wins, he plants his blade in the ground, crosses his arms, and declares, "You were destined to lyouse!"

=ELLIS: A green-haired SD circus girl with twin daggers. Very quick and almost all her attacks combo. "Arc flash!" (diving attack) "Here I come!" (desperate combo attack) and some uppercutty stuff. Her taunt "I never give up!" Yes you do. ::hishouzans::

=GAIA: Weird tentacle armour boy with a big sword who prefers to fight with the tentacles. "Hold sweet!" (multi fireballs) "Shinkuun!" (stream of blue flame) And his taunt? "Next!"

=SHO SHINJO: Eiji's brother, who fights like Eiji and Kayin, but uses doubled Rekkuzan Fireballs and the desperate combo "Ban kimosuken!"

=CUPIDO: Some weird lady with a naginata, who flip kicks fireballs (Cannon Zudah), "Cannon Slash" uppercuts, uses the defencive Aegis Wall, and uses multi-fireball flips with the desperate "Mirage Sabre!" Her taunt? "Rest in peace."

Anyhoo, ANY CHARA can sidestep/attack to counter nearly ANYTHING. And there are ring-outs. The music is great, tho, and Story Mode is funny because the game's seiyuu are excellent. "Another lady! And look how you are dressed! It is shameful."

That's about enough of that for now. Tryin' to find prices/locations for Dragon Force II (Japanese only tho)...


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