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The journey continues... 06.05.03 - 11:20

Whyso? RIAA - Jury - Land, three in one!!!

RIAA, the lobby group of the music industry, has made the mother of all PR mistakes. They've recently extorted (or settled) a judgement against some college student, to avoid a lawsuit in which RIAA would have sought a hundred billion dollars in DAMAGES.

The issue? File-sharin' of music. They're estimatin' 650 THOUSAND files, and THEN estimatin' the damage at $150000 each.

In other words, for each music file you have on yer computer, yer costin' Big Music ten thousand sales. Also sprach die Musik-Industrie.

Please tell me, how it can be that the Internet is the ONLY source of the music industry's woes, when these FACTS are in place:

1) The economy (stupid!!) which has been in a slump. People buy less, hoardin' those Bush-inspired tax cuts, and naturally yer profits will go down. Adurr.

2) No gimmicks. See, throughout the history of Popular Music, the recordin' industry's had a few standouts. Elvis, Little Richard, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Jefferson Airplane... the list goes on. But they've had these huge standout acts from which they could produce limitless imitations and cheap knock-offs, and life was good.

Since Y2k, what's really stood out, what's really carried the industry at large? Not Eminem... not B2K... not Punk Bands. Not much. So there go the fad-driven Flock. Yer not makin' the money offa them that you could be.

3) No cookies. Seriously, would you pay twenty bucks for a single? Sometimes, they want you to. Would you pay twenty bucks for ten songs when you only want one of them? Same story.

4) Net Radio. You have Media Player. You could get Winamp or Kjöfol. I have the one bundled with the install software of my external sound card. Therefore, you can access Internet radio, and "tape" a song broadcast over it usin' the mp3 format. Does Big Music benefit any from this LEGAL behaviour? (Yes, legal, kiddies. No different from tapin' a radio broadcast or usin' a VCR.) No, they don'. You hear the songs for free, from a legal source, and you get 'em legally... for free.

5) Radio itself. How 'bout the uber-popular songs that play fifty times a day on the radio. More than that in LA, Chicago, and NYC. Less in the "sticks." If yer gonna let Clear Channel or Entercom or Westwood One give away yer songs like that, and people don' have to buy the songs because they'll be on again in ten minutes, WHAT THE CRACK ARE YOU CRYIN' ABOUT? WAA, WAA, WAA.

Now, calculate the damage from these five LEGITIMATE sources. AFTER THAT, an' only after that, tell me how much damage is actually attributable to file sharin'? Heh, not much.



Stayin' awake too long, just to adjust to the culture of the sun. Been nocturnal too long... this is gonna suck. All because Milwaukee-ojiikun decided to tell me last month that I get to enjoy the legal process from the inside.

Don' worry... Kiri-san's still of clean criminal record. ^.^o The appointment, for tomorrow and Thursday, is for me to possibly sit on a jury.

MY LUCK IS SUCH that either I won't get to play that game at all, and instead wind up not gettin' picked, or else I'll wind up gettin' sequestered. ^.^o


//3@174y 1(and)pwnz04z = 734 5u><><0rz

In other words, wealthy landowners suck.

Whyso? Because it cost the House Sittori $12500 total to acquire land from one, IMMEDIATELY after he paid 5700 from the guy who was S'POSED to sell it to us and/or the neighbours behind or south of the plot!

As the Kiri-san has put up 4000 of his own, yes, kiddies, I be a landowner. Least, partially. BUT THAT COUNTS FOR SOMETHIN'. :P

Oh yeah, since this 'hood's originally an apple orchard, like thirty years ago or somethin', the land's still zoned agricultural. In other words, we could turn it into a chicken farm if we wanted. ^.^ But we won'.


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