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The journey continues... 06.03.02 - 22:09

Whyso? Sekai no konton.

sekai no konton

There are days... many days... when I really wish I had a djinni lamp or a couple million bucks. They say ya can't buy happiness... but what do they know? With that kinda money, I could easily find a house somewhere on the edge of nowhere... easily pay its utility and tax requirements, have food, and be able to have my friends be there, not havin' to deal with all the crap they deal with.

Damn my quasi-charmed life. I don' even think of myself as lucky in this regard; not at least, when all my friends live as far away, physically, as they do.

Random confused thoughts. The world's confusion. Sekai no konton.



Loki wanted me to help 'im with religion homework. 'Cept it got really damn personal, really damn fast. "Name ten things you'd look for in a spouse," he asks me. "And ten things you'd not."

I was like "Umm? Y'can't be askin' me that..."

Fer once, he backed down. Thankfully. x.x


meaning subjective to the listener.

I don' care if it ain' my fault, but I'm sorry. I'm sorry if I'm better, I'm sorry if I'm worse. I'm sorry if I run into you, and I'm sorry if you run into me.

I'm sorry for a past I can't quite remember yet never quite forget... and I'm sorry for a future I can't quite see.

I'm sorry, especially, to my friends... sorry that I'm so bloody introverted and shy and not havin' enough money yet and every single thing that currently stands between me and where I want us all to be.

This is not a suicide note, not at all. Those of ya that know me know I'm too big a coward to do that kinda damage to myself. Perhaps it's for the better. Besides, I ain't runnin' away. Not from any of ya... even disbelieved though they may be, my promises stand, and that's all ya gotta know. They stand until you don' want them to stand because yer the ones who received them.


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