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The journey continues... 19.01.02 - 02:49

Whyso? Fun with selectors!!! ^.^o

Bein' almost a born video gamer (I do slightly predate console video gaming) I had to take the Select Smart selector poll for console video game preferences.

It's somewhat limited in scope, but of 25 possible entry ranges:

1) FF Tactics, Vandal Hearts, Shining Force, and other such strategy RPG games.

2) Final Fantasy (4-6), Lufia, Wild Arms, and other traditional, pre-FF7 RPG's.

3) Castlevania. I guess this means lengthy, difficult platformers. My fave in that description would be either Ninja Gaiden or Kickmaster.

4) Suikoden. More precisely Genso Suikoden, these are the sort of RPG that have multiple charas (Pokemon) and at least some involved plot (not Pokemon.)

5) Xenogears. Never played it...

6) Metal Gear. See also Xenogears.

7) Megaman. Wha, this didn't rank higher? I GUESS Metroid fit in this category, but I'm not sure. ^.^o

8) Tetris etc. ACiD TETRIS ROCKS!!! but why so low? I s'pose it's my RPG preference...

9) SFII, I'll assume this means OLD SCHOOL fightin' games. As in, early 90's fightin' games.

10) Sonic the Hedgehog. Insofar as a lotta art surroundin' me IS hedgehog-like, (or rather, Sandslash-like) I'll let this slide ^.^

11) Dragon Force (semi-obscure Sega Saturn game), Star Craft, Civ, and other such semi-RPG's that focus more on global events rather than personal ones.

12) FF7 and later "pure" RPG's.

13) Pacman (my mom's fave) Donkey Kong (yes, the one with that TWO-TIMER Mario climbin' the girders to save that girl from the Kong), and similar old-school games. MR. DO'S CASTLE arrarararaara

14) Mario, the platform type games.

15) Soul Edge and sequels/ports. The dilly? This should be higher... Chi yo! Yami yo! Ware no moto ni!

16) Mario Kart and other "cute" racing games.

17) Pong, Space Invaders, and such old games. ASTEROIDS garaaaaaaa

18) For some reason, they put Marvel v. Capcom (runs off the Street Fighter Zero engine) and Guilty Gear together. There's. NO. WAY. The difference is, Guilty Gear rocks.

19) Sports games that focus on action rather than team management.

20) Tekken, Virtual Fighters. What, no entry for the most EVIL hack ever to hit the Genesis, VR Fighter vs. Taken 2? ^.^

21) DDR... which is why you don' trust these polls much. True, at least for me and my limited endurance problem, I'd rather watch than play, but playin's pretty fun, too ^.^o

22) Realistic Sports Games (ala Madden)

23) Older first person shooters, like Doom.

24) 23's children, Quake and Unreal.

25) Realistic racin' games.

Semi-not bad, really. ^.^o At least, not as bad as the two FF7 selectors that had me as Lucretia (of all) and Nanaki (of the nine playables)...

or the FF8 chara selector that firmly planted Ellone, Laguna, and Seifer (in order) at the top of the list. Cool, actually. ^.^

The worst HAD TO BE one that ranked me as a chara in the Pokemon anime.

1) Kasumi

2) Satoshi

3) Takeshi

4) Pikachu

5) Shigeru

6) Kojirou

7) Nyaasu

8) Musashi.


The religion test?

The top nine answers here:


Mahayana Buddhist


New Age


Theravada Buddhist


Reform Judaist


Umm, sure? ^.^o

Final Fantasy villain match-up? Seifer. ^.^ (This stayed in the FF7-8 villains ^.^o)

How did I know. The FF6 chara check came up Cyan. ^.^ And thou, o wild one... who might thou be? And... a similar FF9 check came up... yeah, some of ya might have guessed it... Steiner. ^.^o

Hitokage's ideal female anime chara selector? I can't say unbelievably, but Belldandy (Aa! Megami-sama) was... fourth. Behind...

Rei (Eva) third; Hikari (Digimon) second... and Sailor Mercury, first. ^.^Oooooooo

Which anime should I watch?

1) X/1999; 2) Utena; 3) Eva; 4) Rurouni Kenshin. Now as to WHY Fushigi Yuugi was sixth BEHIND DRAGONBALL, I will NOT speculate x.x

An RPG selector. Star Ocean: Second Story? FF7 ahead of 4? That one's broken. ^.^o ::skip::

The bisho most like me. Folken (from Escaflowne) ... ???

And apparently, though I've never had the pleasure of seein' it, the namesake of my Parasect (Nuriko) is in Fushigi Yuugi. ^.^o

Mecha selector: Escaflowne, followed by a bunch of gundams not in G-Wing, then Sandrock. ^.^ SAND... ROCK... slaa-!

Soul Calibur charas? SIEG WAS FIFTH??? TAKI FIRST??? (then Hwang, Sophitia ??? and Voldo...)

Heh... selectors. ^.^o

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