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The journey continues... 23.01.03 - 08:00

Whyso? Clonin'!

Love the recent news report. There's a one-year-old cloned kitty that doesn't look or act like its "original" except for the DNA.

What else. The abortion debate rages, the Irakku thing rages, and for what it's worth, I still don' like Donphan.

That's just how I am now. The things that matter most are the things that matter to me now. Friends, family, havin' a job, and those pesky Pokemon. In that order.

"It's insanely cold out there." I just said that... it's amazing, but the grass is still green and some yellow, and it's flockin' NEGATIVE FOUR DEGREES FAHRENHEIT. That's -20 Centigrade, for any non-Americans that might be readin' this. We haven't had much snow 'ere... only cold. Even I say it's cold, and I think "room temperature" is more like 55F (12.8 C) while most people prefer 68F (20 C.)

In important news:

Sometimes, I start new Pokemon games just to experiment with different Pokemon. Right now, a Silver trainer named "Kirby" (yeah, I like Kirby, shut up.) has the following Pokemon:

-Itchy: Golem (Gorounya)

-Kojirou: Persian (Persian)

-Oni: Fearow (Onidrill)

-Chihiro: Girafarig (Kirinriki)

-Kitsuki: Vulpix (Rokon)

-Kaneko: Ampharos (Denryuu)

What was weird is when I fought the steel gym. I decided to use Kitsuki and her Dig attack to fight the Magnemites, instead of cheesing the magnet types with Itchy's Magnitude and Metronome. Anyhoo, it didn't work at L25, since the Mites were survivin' and usin' Thunderbolt for too much damage. So I raised her to 27, and they started usin' Thunderwave, then Thunderbolt. Still no good.

So I went and got a Paralyze Cure Berry, and both Magnemite battles went like this.

1. Kitsuki dug a hole!

2. Enemy MAGNEMITE used THUNDER WAVE! It didn't affect Kitsuki!

3. Kitsuki used DIG! It's super effective!! (About 85% damage.)

4. See 2. (Both Magnemites MISSED this attack!!)

5. Kitsuki used EMBER! It's super effective! Enemy MAGNEMITE fainted!

Lemme put it this way. I SHOULD be eight times more likely to find a Shiny Pokemon than to have a Thunder Wave spell miss twice in a row, and on account of it actually missing instead of from Dig. I have yet to see a Shiny Pokemon.

::needs to play Yellow so as to pick up Articuno, because I like Articuno::


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