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The journey continues... 18.02.02 - 08:23

Whyso? Last week: the short short form.

first update in a while.

No extended road trip goes perfectly smoothly, but I must say that all things considered, Katsucon was... ok. Not great, since I hafta penalise it on the following critical faults:

-DDR Nimmnuts. This was the flocker that, during the DDR tournament, cracked down our our group's moshin' but not the yarou dancin' around in a position that would distract the dancers. A good drill sergeant? Possibly. A good DDR tournament director? Hell no. DDR's about havin' fun.

-No blades, no bows. Actually, it was no bags. I still can't figger out why this was so. Perhaps they were worried about shopliftin', which on MULTIPLE OCCASIONS anyone could get away with even WITHOUT such hardware, or perhaps that the bags would get stolen or forgotten, likewise true of the so-called con bags, and even more so for those because you can SEE what yer stealin'. Perhaps the latter is true, because even in video game rooms this was true.

-The Marriot. If you can help it, never stay at a Marriot. YES, I'm usin' this space to advertise against Marriot hotels, where people are PAID to be dicks. where security guys crack down on PLUSHI YAOI that is not accepting money unless peeps offer first, but not on the singers who WERE panhandling. The yarou.

Other low points of this past week:

-Taco Hell and Pizza Slut. Normally excellent food chains, methinks the one in York PA food-poisoned Zar. She was the only one that had red peppers on 'er food, so it was pro'ly them.

-Greek Roman Confusion. YOU'D THINK A COLLEGE PROFESSOR WOULD KNOW THAT NEPTUNE AND VENUS ARE THE ROMAN GOD EQUIVALENTS OF POSEIDON AND APHRODITE. Seriously, you would. But apparently, it's the other way around, according to the art history teacher.

High points:

-Yatani-sensei. The Japanese teacher, who completely and totally rocks. He told a student to shut up because he can't pronounce "peanut" without makin' it sound too close to "penis." That, and he was rather aggressively includin' me in the class. I fared averagely, considerin'.

-Kasugai Melon Gummy. YUMMY GUMMY ^.^

-Pocky. Chocolate sticks which ROCK.

-Whoever built the emulator for dreamcast that allows ya to burn NES, SNES or Genesis carts onto Dreamcast CD's. Oh. my. gods.

-Pump it up: the season evolution dance floor. Move the groove.

When I get home, gotta seriously do the rewrites on the OTJ series... the Denkichu wants to be seeeeeeeen. Fortunately, I'll be able to do this at work since I'm gettin' a laptop. :P


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