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The journey continues... 29.09.02 - 02:37

Whyso? -

Behold, an update.

Playin' too much FFT and Soulblazer. GOD Soulblazer's a cute game. ^.^

What type of Bishounen are you? Find out at by Rin.

The bishounen test. How appropriate. And all those links conveniently open in a new window for yer viewin' enjoyment.

FFT: Playin' only Summoners... about to take down Elmdor under L25. Go green. :P

Soulblazer: Stupid game erased my savefile.

Oh yeah, if yer interested in SNES games, one of Loki's friends is tryin' to get rid of some. ^.^


DIDJA KNOW THERE'S AN ANIME BASED ON KIRBY? <('.')> Kirby is quite cute, too. Just watch out, or he'll eat ya up... spit ya out... an' run ya right into the ground!


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