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The journey continues... 23.01.02 - 08:31

Whyso? Silverbaby.

Yeah, you read it right.

Silverbaby. It's just a nickname for the new vacuum cleaners we have at work now. ^.^o I had to use a silverbaby because the set-up techs wouldn't get to my press and get it runnin' soon enough.

That, and our INEPT second shift material handlers (them second shifters again!) nearly destroyed one of our digital clocks with a forklift and four crates of parts. Those parts are s'posed to be stacked THREE high. ^.^o

In other news.

D&D: I'm currently runnin' a game with the following player/chara combinations:

Loki --- cleric of the chaotic Dragon God Mordvin.

Hagen --- druid.

Steve --- centaur pyro mage. He was a half fire elemental but got reincarnated.

Feezer --- a monk with a ninja sword.

Auvil --- a paladin of Torm, the god of loyalty.

Gribble --- a kensei.

Alex --- an assassin.

What a group, eh? ^.^

Anyhoo, last week's session was really entertaining, at least for some of us. It started when the party decided to go to a group of islands believed to have pirates. They found their pirates...

One of the five pirate ships was an airship, and quickly squashed the party's ship, but the party summoned giant eagles and got up to that ship. Steve, as the fire elemental mage, decided to fly and attack other ships. He got appropriately KILLED.

On the ship, Alex (at the time playin' a female thief) captured one of the pirates and wanted to torture him. Gribble (playin' a pixie thief who was reincarnated after a STUPID MISTAKE that earned him bad karma) killed 'im for it, in a dishonourable duel.

Meanwhile, Loki summoned a daemonic dire ape to fight for 'im... but the evil book he obtained in a temple took control of it in a bad, bad way. ^.^ That sent Auvil's other chara, a half-angel ranger/bard, abandonin' ship and gettin' killed by sharks.

Well, this is where it gets interestin. Auvil had a powerful magical bow that got lost to a group of Sahaugins livin' in the area. So Loki and Hagen decided to go underwater, to NEGOTIATE with the Sahaugins.

Yes, NEGOTIATE. Now, normally, ya can't negotiate with the incredibly racist fish peeps, because they'd rather kill ya. But I ignored the Monster Manual's desc of these "sea devils" and allowed them the chance to be diplomatic. ^.^

Meanwhile, the rest of the party, I don' care what happened to them really. They found out that the airship wouldn't fly, and that part of Loki's negotiation was that the party would hafta "remove any chance that the infidel surface dwellers would ever return to our territory."

Heh, and they went to the "pirate" town, only to find a normal-lookin' town, with a temple of Torm (Auvil's new paladin's god.) Not in a pirate town; it was a front for a "merchant" operation. But Loki caught on and Auvil did not. Meanwhile, Gribble and Alex bought poison later on from the same (they were mercs on the island, and knew about it.)

Kensei. Poison. Problem? Hai.

The solution is the ultimate role playin' challenge. There's an NPC named Dirk Kyoshiro in the tavern. He's much more bad-ass than the PC's, and is known to be.

(The party level average is 7; Dirk is 18th level... and with the alternate rules we play, he's actually 32d by normal third edition rules)

He's there just to relax for a while, havin' teleported to the island quite by random.

Desc: Dirk is a slightly (30 ^.^) older half-elven fellow of average height and weight, with narrow, brown eyes and black hair that almost reaches his collar--- a noble, bisho type of countenance. It reflects in his clothing, as well; a simple black tunic and arctic-camo trousers, black hiking boots, and a light grey trenchcoat which flows about him lightly. His only weapon is his katana, Sukuteru, which has grown with his own powers.

He enjoys fine art and is quite a connoiseur. in particular, he likes a particular Gnomish style of strawberry whiskey. His motivations lie entirely in acquisition... by diplomacy or otherwise... of such finer things. Books, objets d'art, exotic drinks (don' try poison; he's magically immune.) But he is also honourable, after a manner, and takes full advantage of anyone's personal honour system. His only real "hates" are assassins, poison users, and paladins or priests of particular deities (Torm and Sune top the list; though you might expect the white god Nistus to be on this list, he ain't)



Took two whole weeks offa work. In Nigatsu. The week before 2.16... and the week after 2.16. Guess what 2.16 happens to be.


Ya, I figger, the best way to deal with the general fear of crowds I experience, is to go. Besides, Gen Con the two times I went, wasn't so bad. I was with a group of friends both times. ^.^ And let's see... Zarla, Soshi, Technomancer. Should be a blast ^.^

Now Ozzfest 99, that was different. I was very alone, but I dealt with that by havin' a purpose.

Black. Sabbath.

And it was worth it.

Gotta go do an upload now.


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