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The journey continues... 25.03.02 - 10:07

Whyso? short, short, short, random, short.

vehicular possessiveness

The car, as of today, is mine. The final payment, amountin' to 8.52 dollars US, has been resolved, and that car now fully belongs to meeeee.


dragonforce typos/wackiness.

Yeah, there are quite a few, but they only enhance the game.

The first comes in the intro. "The final confrontation rushes forth!" This is actually spoken by a narrator who manages to sound serious sayin' somethin' this terribly silly.

More forthrushin', courtesy of the evil blue-haired shamaness, Scythe: "Only fools rush to their death. Rush forth, little one!"

Wein's spell chants:

"Soooooooniccccc Booooooommmmm!!!"

"When your evil tide rises, my righteous storm comes!"

"Drink from the cup of my wrath!"

Wein, by the way, is a Paladin. I doubt there is any wrath in his cup, except that wrath which is reserved for wild yaoi with Goldark. Silver and gold, silver and gold... ::considers writin' a Dragon Force doujinshi of Wein x Goldark for a briefest second::

Reinhart findin' a mercenary (this happened in a game whilst I was playin' as Mikhal): "We found Mikhal!" (found the ninja, Zatai, actually.

And then, after Mikhal introduced himself, Zatai responded, "I am Zatai Take me to your leader."

Or, "Yes, I am the dark priest Neil. How do you do?"

There are actually two thieves that randomly appear, named Paine and Agonni. Agonni attacks first, and he's like "Special formation! To Madruk's Glory!!!"

Paine prefers "Raid formation. Pillage and burn!"

Hidden Ninja Warrior Hayate rocks, but this is too much: "My cold-hard steel shall be the end of you!"

Mikhal himself can match this: "Anyone foolish enough to cross me... shall endure the pain of a thousand deaths..." Ouch.

Reinhart, bein' descriptive in battle: "Thunder fall!!!" Who said mages were subtle.

Shaia, priest-mage of Leon's Topaz kingdom, separatin' Leon and Junon: "Thunder wall!!!" Where'd she learn that.

Mercenary Samurai Hagar's spell offerin': "Witness the BOOM of doom!"

More doom, from Bardal of Tradnor: "Raise your eyes to the heavens and behold your doom!"

Ardor and Shione, separated at birth? "Behold! Your doom!"

Dragon divisions, near the end: "You will make a tasty snack, cocktail weenie!"

Junon's spells?

"Fall to your knees!"

"Draw your last breath!"

"Go..." This last one unleashes the devastating Sonic Blast spell. The first two are just fire attacks. And, in duels, her five-hit critical is "To your kneeeeeees!!!"

Rygar, well before Lugia was ever seen in the US: "I shall make them feel the power of one!"

Scythe again, spoutin' off nonsense with "Which magic do you prefer? It shall be your undoing..."

Sierra, a succubus officer, after failin' at search: "Heavens to Murgatroid, I mistook you for someone else entirely. So sorry."

Heh, it goes on far beyond my ability to relate right now. ^.^o


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