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The journey continues... 04.08.02 - 08:03

Whyso? Teh briefy. :P

Work week... feh. :P

Ya, I've adopted the :P along with the ^.^ for emoticons, but anyhoo.

First off, Tuesday, this yarou decides, hey, I'm gonna be late from break. More than once. The first time, he was arguin' as to whether he was five or ten minutes tardy, but the second, I tell 'im, hey, maybe you should try to get back on time.

"Shut th' fuck up, u punk-ass nigga! U ain't my supaviza, nigga! Ah'll kick yo' ass, bi'itch!" And schtuff like that. And he hasn't been fired for this, even though if I wanted to, he could be arrested. Disorderly conduct :P

Then Friday night. Teh funny: the press screw's motor was dyin', and sounded like a rain dance, a gallopin' rhino, and a techno trance beat. ^.^

Anyhoos. :P FFT owns my soul right now... at least the biggest plurality of it. ^.^


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