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The journey continues... 13.01.02 - 00:39

Whyso? Poetry, both good and not so good.

toi sakebi, by reiichi nakaido.

I thought I was innocent,

but I'm being punished.

I didn't start this,

but I have to finish it somehow.

I can't say I didn't know about it

but I don't remember taking part in it.

I get the feeling

my freedom cost me dearly.

but I don't remember

selling my soul cheaply.

hey, hey!

Until I die and say goodbye,

hey, hey!

No one will ever catch me.

You probably don't know the eternal outlaws...

...who wander the distant night.

(This is the English translation for the ending song in Serial Experiment Lain.)

Truly trippy, indeed. SEE IT, that's all I'll say. But that song got to me, it describes so many things that have happened in my life. Too many, really.


And now for a very different poetry, cheesy, silly, by Kiri-san (c) 2002.

(to the tune of Snakeman's music in Megaman 3, AKA Rockman 3)

Doctor Wily has a problem...

he is full of tricks but no surprises

Always fills his mighty strongholds

with his pile of robots of all sizes...

But his super heavy bosses

Are taking heavy losses

But it isn't really their faults

They're just doin' what they can

But Megaman finds an art

In ripping them apart

'Cause they're silly evil robots

Whose names all end in "man!"

Wily, he thought the bosses would do so well,

Never thought Megaman'd blow them to hell...

Always the same except for their outer shells...

Wily can't find any parts to buy or sell...

They have weakness to each other,

But Wily thought that wouldn't be so bad

But Rockman came and stole their powers

Then beat them all with everything he had...

Metalman sliced by his own blade

Bubbleman was likewise waylaid

And Woodman got Atomic Fire

right up his wooden can!

That Wily's havin' fits

'cause Bombman's been blown to bits

It was for no better reason

Than they crossed that Megaman!

Will it end before the scrapyards are filled

with all the robots Megaman has killed?

Never! Old Doctor Wily's life of crime

Shall continue unto the end of time!

Heh heh. It sucks, I know. ^.^o Things I think of when rather bored.

Gotta go. Uploads.


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