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The journey continues... 06.09.02 - 07:59

Whyso? A short description of this unchanging variation.

Yeah, I know, no updates in a while. Still watchin' squirrels, playin' FFT, drawin' stuff as usual.

In other words, there hasn't been much to talk about. :P

Ya, the colon-pea has cropped up in Kiri-san's vocabulary more often. I don' know why, but it has.

Small victory for me: In the discussions of FFT, "echo demon fire" has caught on. I made it up, though the strategy may well be old: using geomancers or black mages, cast an effect on your ally, that you and your ally both regenerate its element; the ally's appropriate counter attack will hit you, healing you. And if you're near the enemy, the enemy will be hurt too! I used this to beat the geomancer's SCC (single class challenge, you can only use one class's abilities for all characters.) And since demon fire was the only attack I could use with it, and even THEN on two critical boards and nowhere else, it became known as "echo demon fire." ^.^

Enough for now, 'cept for the cliche "shout out" to three specific people who are currently east of my position. Kon'nichi wa!


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