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The journey continues... 25.07.03 - 11:30

Whyso? A weekend of solitude. :)

Ahh, yes. Many things have occurred... most of them are not noteworthy.

-Iraq, and anything of the sort: It happened. It's happenin'. And Pfc. Jessica Lynch can shut up and disappear. Call me unpatriotic, but that's ALL I have to say about that, until and unless the Third Infantry come home in their numbers, and not in body bags.

-Kobe Bryant: He did it. He did, indeed, kill OJ's wife. And he did have adulterous sex with that HO. Don't MOST NBA "pympz?"

-Exotic Diseases: Kiri-san is immune to them! Which is odd, since he's an anthro-hedgehog, and therefore should be susceptible. However, I don't keep weird pets... a dog and a common bird manage to be weird enough!

-New computer: 1.67GHz Athlon processor, 40GB drive... feh. I had to replace the old one, though I retain the hard drive of the other as a secondary. :P

D&D: I play in a game, I run a game. Film at eleven, as usual!

Artistic projects: Mostly on hiatus... my muse has been rather capricious as of late.

That should do it for now...!


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