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The journey continues... 25.12.02 - 09:29

Whyso? Christmas 2002... nuff said.

When's the last time I entered? Not at all since 18 Oct? Hmm... maybe I should do so more often.

Anyhoo, a FRÖHLICHE WEIHNACHTEN to anyone who actually sojourns in this Tasogare; in other words, a Merry Christmas, Xmas, or whatever else you celebrate or have finished celebratin'. ^.^.^

Loki's seen the Two Towers, and he made darned sure to point out to me all the inaccuracies. For the sake of y'all who's not seen it yet, I won' say anything.

Heh, "kaeteiru" didn't happen, but y'know what? Maybe it's for the best.

I've worked every evening of December, so far...

::goes to look at what Loki wants to show::


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