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The journey continues... 02.02.02 - 02:02

Whyso? RP-induced headaches.


'Specially how I write date and time codes. :P

First news, the RP is gettin' on my flockin' nerves. For all the time I waste down in the basement, playin' D&D, I coulda been doin' more personally important stuff. x.x

Don' get me wrong, I like to RP, but there comes a point when it's not worth my time. This time, it was LOKI. I describe how someone dual-wielded Kopis Blades to wreck a caravan, and Loki's all like "Giant Sandslashes?" Danai, Loki-kun. Chou-zandokiri dayo. And the party almost decided to get themselves killed for the sake of treasure. There was the "marauding beast" which was a Tuchiru (from tsuchi no ryuu, earth dragon) hunting for food for its young (which DID look like Sandshrews :P ), and the group was seriously thinkin' about takin' its nest, which was built out of things discarded from the kills (read this as meanin' valuables and magic). Never mind that I made it clear that the Tuchiru was one of the twelve True Dragon species (True Dragons are much more dangerous and less dragon-like than other dragons.)


Heh, I've been tryin' ALL WEEK to get a decent piccu of Jay. ^.^o That happens sometimes, but this isn't like usual. I'm not exactly sure what Jay looks like in my mind. ^.^o Hee hee, eh?

We got snow. Now it can go away. x.x

And finally. Metallica has it wrong. Lady Justice hasn't been raped... she's been censored. John Ashcroft and his advance people can go to hell, and not just for a vacation. The story:

Before an Ashcroft press conference, his advance person bought the blue curtain to hang in front of the Justice Statue at the Dept. of Justice.

She says it's because blue looks better on TV than does the yellowish marble used to sculpt that statue.

In reality, it was because Lady Justice is exposin' one breast. Ok... I have a theory about the artisticness of that, actually. Ya see, a society built on freedom is nurtured only by justice; hence, the lady's breast exposed to represent the nurturing of our nation's freedom by her, as the symbol of justice.

When I'm semi tired like now, I think of these sort of things but can't articulate them well. ^.^o


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