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The journey continues... 05.01.02 - 22:03

Whyso? darkness of fate

Where did I go wrong...?

Yeah, I'm introverted, just like a hedgehog, that when someone comes near I gotta duck behind a bush or burrow into the ground real fast.

And yeah, the social rules change even between two adjacent blocks of the same city. How much more states or even countries, at a time when yer already strugglin' to learn them anyway?

So yeah, I'm socially inept. I can't help it, really. But I need friends as much as anyone else.

Is it fair? Who can say? I won't. But because of it, it's much harder for me than many others to make friends.

Because I'm introvert.

Because I'm socially inept.

Because I strive against an inner chaos that wants only to consume me.

Two of them defeat me immediately, and the third eventually.

alone was i, with sword in hand

feet blistered from the burning sand

striving against my foeman's band

but 'twas too late

the foe was me, i can't deny

against myself, the battle cry!

how did i get blinded by

darkness of fate?

how... many... villages... had to burn

before i had a chance to learn?

how... many... people... had to die

before the clearing of my eye?

when was it my soul did yield

to the sword that i did wield

and good in me did drop its shield

'gainst rage and hate?

eternal now, the war with me

if i stand alone, no end i see

is this forever my destiny---

darkness of fate?

how... long... how long... can i fight

until the darkness snuffs the light?

how... long... how long... have i fought

will this battle be for naught...?



I wonder what a modern-day djinni lamp would look like. Truth to tell, I could use one right about now.


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