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The journey continues... 09.01.02 - 08:17

Whyso? In need of yasumi.

Yeah, the week so far.


Sunday night: Second shift supervisor has no ability to count.

Monday night: Second shift operator used #4013 short tubes instead of #3844 long tubes. Four crates on hold. Second shift material handlers? I could choke them with the halos they had over their heads, they said "oh, they must have been the right tubes... they were at the foot of the press" when it was THEM that put them there!

Last night: Second shift operator, the same one as before, leaves ten boxes untaped, no labelling, big mess. Then that machine goes down for weld breaks, and I get moved to the Fire Pit--- a part that comes out at thirty seconds and reaches the end operator (me) HOT. The operator I replaced there, who was supposed to be on cleaning duty, was chattin' up people. Then, the welder there breaks down, and set-up fixes that AND the insert device (not broken) and THAT breaks down BECAUSE of set-up.


Pokemon blue nihon-go.

Put Charmander away, now using Spear, Butterfree, Pikachu. Yeah, Pikachu, which exists for the purpose of evolution. :P

Right now, the Butterfree is the strongest; its psychic attack took down Takeshi's rock types very easily. Next on the agenda: catchin' Paras and Sandshrew, tradin' the Spearow I nabbed for Farfetch'd (HM carrier #1) and powerin' up for Kasumi. :P



Ee. Hai. Ja. Si. Oui. Da.

Pokemon Perfect Guides by Versus books.

Perfect? FEH. I played through without 'em (except for findin' TM lists for the Pokemon in an older guide) and then bought 'em. Perfect? Feh. Behold. Warning: I'm about to get pretty darned sarcastic here.


Brock: (about red/blue battle) "if you picked Charmander, you may have a problem... you'll have to level up your other Pokemon (not fire, flying or bug, all of which are very weak against rock)"

Please don' mention that Brock can't actually use any Rock attacks, but that most early Pokemon are very weak against his defencive Rock types. Butterfree (a bug AND a flying) uses a psychic attack at L12, and this shreds the low special stats of Geodude and Onix.

Mount Moon: "This cave is full of Zubats, but if you put Pikachu or Spearow at the head of the roster..."

Why not Butterfree's psychic attack, which is strong against Zubat's POISON type?

About Paras: "Paras never learns any real attacks, just Spore and Growth and stuff like that." Growth raises special, attack AND defence in RBY. Spore is the most accurate Sleep technique, and sleep is better in RBY. What are these people smokin'?

If this guide were perfect, they'd give you a warning about this:

Route 25 "Be at least three squares below the Junior Trainer who's blocking it when you cross his line of vision, and he'll abandon his post to come fight you. Immediately after, loop behind him and grab it."

CAUTION POINT. If you save the game in that little area where you'd get TM19, and turn the game off... the trainer will be blocking the way again, and if you don't have Cut, Fly, or Teleport, your game is over. You'll be stuck, with nowhere to go.

Apparently (Route 5) the trade of yer Cubone for a Machoke (yellow) isn't worth it. What the guide fails to mention is that a Machoke, even through the in-game trade, would trade-evolve to Machamp.

The boat: They mention that you can get Rest there, in the text, but not Body Slam (far better :P)

Vulpix's "best skill" is fire spin??? What, suddenly Flamethrower pales in comparison? (Actually, in RBY, fire spin and wrap and such attacks can positively DUST all opponents, provided they hit)

About Vaporeon: "Water type Pokemon aren't too valuable" HUH?

Erika "Another type that's strong to grass is psychic." Umm, what? Dang, I've been underestimatin' psychics... :P Now, maybe, the fact that two of Erika's are POISON type...

About Gastly: "Ghosts are weak to psychic and ground attacks, but their immunities more than make up for that minor inconvenience." Minor? SLAA-!!!

Bafflingly, there's no mention of the Gary battle in the Pokemon Tower. Red/Blue versions cheat; if Gary is usin' the Gyarados, it's L23 or so AND HAS HYDRO PUMP. CHEATER.

Sabrina: "Bug Pokemon are strong here" SURE. Parasect, Butterfree, Pinsir, Scyther. The others, methinks, are poison type and get destroyed by the psychics.

Gary battles (in general): They'll say "Pidgeott, Growlithe, Exeggcute, Alakazam, (starter)" but Growlithe and Exeggcute only occur if he's gettin' Squirtle. Else, one of those will be Gyarados instead. Except the final battles, where they get it right.

Doduo "you'll want to pick up a disposable flying type" Umm? DODRIO USE DRILL PECK!!! ::drill pecks::

Koga "Psychic is great in red and blue, but not as good in yellow where the half-bug Venonats will give them problems." VENONATS ARE POISON TYPE AND HAVE NO BUG MOVES. (Only toxic and psychic moves)

Exeggcute "Leech seed and solar beam aren't too great." WHAT??? Also, they don' mention AT ALL that Exeggutor has IMPRESSIVE SPECIAL STAT and can bloody well learn Psychic from the TM...

Rhyhorn "with TWO useless types, rock and ground" Again... x.x

Pinsir "the strongest of the straight bug Pokemon. This is important because bug is one of two types that are good against psychic Pokemon" First off, Pinsir learns no bug moves. Second, WHAT IS THE OTHER TYPE??? RBY, mind you.

Apparently, Kangaskhan is a he, and Hitmonchan a she. x.x

Krabby "A fairly good water Pokemon" Never mind, again, that Krabby has krap Special.

Route 12 "Save that PPUp for one of the power skills, Thunder, Blizzard, or Fire Storm." I WISH that last one exists... oh, wait a minute, it's a Pokemon in GS. Hinoarashi. :P

Goldeen "Seaking is fairly tough, but with nothing but a handful of dull Normal attacks" Ok, so Waterfall is normal type? ^.^o

Aerodactyl is "somewhat vulnerable to electric." What???

Magmar "...and possibly even Flareon are all better picks than Magmar in blue." UMM? ::Nitro uses body slam::

::Magmar faints::

::Arcanine faints::

::Entei and Houou, though not in RBY, faint::

Ditto "keeps his own lame stats" when transforming? Proven false by me, when my Mewtwo metronome-transformed to a L35 Grimer and took those stats temporarily... x.x

BLAINE: No mention in the guide of Fire's substantial weakness to GROUND. Water's mentioned... Rock (for YELLOW PLAYERS, why not Red/Blue???), but NOT GROUND??? SLAA-!!! ::earthquakes Blaine instead of his Pokemon::

By the way, one good Ground type that has both Dig and Quake can beat Blaine and all his trainers with just those two moves, no trip back to the pokecenter necessary.

Zapdos "Tangela and other grassers are especially good" AGAINST DRILL PECK???

Giovanni "the same Water types..." What, grass types aren't good enough? How 'bout ice? Psychic for the Nidorans? Ground for most of 'em? Geez...

The guide's authors wet their pants over Zapdos, I SWEAR. "If you don't have one already, you must get one." Oh, and apparently, you should have Zapdos and Articuno because flying is good against ghosts...

"A good Pyschic" can wipe out Bruno...

Agatha uses "two Gengars and a Haunting"

Gary, final battle "If you have Jolteon, Pin *Needle* is good. Otherwise, you'll have to use a Parasect" YET, the "dream team" doesn't have Parasect. Still, I like that advice. ^.^

"Jolteon and Magneton are weak against ground types, so Dugtrio (or anyone with dig) is good, but your own Jolteon or Zapdos can do well" TO HECK WITH YOU!!! ^.^.^+

And now the pokedex.

Throughout the guide, it insists that Body Slam causes flinch. It's actually paralysis.

In the pokedex, Slash is a normal attack, but in RBY reality, it has a 95% chance of critical hits. Crabhammer, too.

TM wish list?

Beedrill- Fly

Pidgey line: Megadrain

Rattata/Raticate: Fly

Oh, yeah, did ya know that Hitmonlee learns all his moves at L0?

Porygon learns, at L28, "Harden" according to the guide. This should read RECOVER.

Oh, and apparently you can catch L15 Dragonites in Yellow's Safari Zone.

"Berton's Team!" Parasect "Use growth, then leech life." Umm, I'd rather use SWORDS DANCE then leech life.

Anyhoo, the GS/Crystal guides are next. :P


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